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Share Your Nunatsiavut Story Today!

Welcome to Nunatsiavut Stories!

This website is a digital storytelling initiative focused on preserving Nunatsiavut’s rich oral history. Here you will find audio recordings and videos of original stories or stories passed down and told by the people of Nunatsiavut.

Why digital storytelling?

Digital stories are both easy to produce and to publish, making this an ideal way to preserve and pass-on the rich oral history of our region. This is also a great way to preserve Inuktitut, as language revitalization is currently recognized as being of extreme importance in the region.  We encourage contributors to speak in Inuktitut.

How do I Participate?

The contact page on the website includes information on how to reach us, as well as associated consent forms.  The forms provide details on how information you provide might be used in the future.  Please feel free to contact us at any time!

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