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Daughters of Mikak

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  • Zippora Nochasak

  • Tracey Doherty's Poem

  • Sue Harris

  • Silpa Edmunds

  • Eva Palliser by C Wolfrey

  • Eva Shiwak

  • Evangeline Jacque

  • Jane Andersen

  • Shirley Goudie

  • Janet Palliser

  • Alicia Dicker

  • Andrea Flowers

  • Bertha Andersen

  • Eva Palliser by C Palliser

  • Emelia Merkuratsuk

  • Elsa Adams

  • Doris Lane

  • Darlene Holwell

  • Caroline Jacque

  • Blanche Shiwak

  • Blanche Allen

  • Sarah Nochasak

  • Sarah Baikie

  • Jenny Ikkusek

  • Sarah Anala

  • Sandra Hollett

  • Rutie Dicker

  • Jessie Wyatt

  • Josephine Kalleo

  • Kitora Boase

  • Ruth Flowers

  • Rosie Lucy

  • Rose Webb

  • Maria Dicker

  • Rhoda Voisey

  • Rhoda Palliser

  • Mary E Andersen

  • Mary Goudie

  • Mikak

  • Miriam Brown

  • Nancy Pamak

Daughters of Mikak: Celebrating Inuit Women’s Leadership in Nunatsiavut focuses on encouraging people to share stories that honour Nunatsiavut women.

The project was a Tradition & Transition initiative in 2015-2016, and it was co-ordinated by Andrea Procter (postdoctoral fellow, Memorial University) with an advisory working group of:

• Joan Andersen (Makkovik)
• Peggy Andersen (Nain)
• Kim Campbell-McLean (AnânauKatiget Tumingit Regional Inuit Women’s Association / North
West River)
• Ashley Dicker (Nain)
• Tracy Ann Evans-Rice (Nunatsiavut Government’s Status of Women Co-ordinator / Makkovik)
• Shirley Flowers (Happy Valley-Goose Bay)
• Joan Goudie (Postville)
• Beverly Hunter (Hopedale)
• Charlotte Wolfrey (Nunatsiavut Government’s Status of Women Co-ordinator / Rigolet)

The project team helped community members and students make digital stories about inspirational Nunatsiavut women, which we shared on the Daughters of Mikak Facebook site. These stories show how these Inuit women build and strengthen connections between people, and how they create strong communities. By focusing on personal stories of admiration, we are celebrating and magnifying Nunatsiavut women’s strength and ability to persevere through difficult times.

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